AARP Hawaii 2010 State Voter Guide

From: Tam, Steven
Subject: AARP Hawaii Launches 2010 State Voter Guide
Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010, 4:48 PM


AARP Hawaii has released the 2010 State Voter Guide – an election resource featuring the views of candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and every state legislative race in the primary election this year. The Voter Guide includes answers from 173 candidates in 68 races to questions posed by AARP members in four key issue areas. It is available for review at

AARP’s Voter Guide focuses on issues that more than 1,000 Hawaii residents age 50 and older ranked among their highest concerns this election season. They are the economy and jobs; Hawaii’s doctor shortage; the state budget challenge; and helping elderly residents age in their homes and communities.

Because it targets issues of concern to residents who are part of the largest member organization in the state, AARP’s State Voter Guide provides a unique opportunity for candidates to speak directly to Hawaii’s most engaged and powerful voting group – residents age 50 plus. Ninety-eight percent of AARP members in Hawaii surveyed say they plan to vote in the upcoming election.

“AARP’s voter guide is a valuable resource we encourage residents of all ages to use in deciding which candidates offer the best solutions to the challenges facing our communities,” said AARP Hawaii State Director Barbara Kim Stanton. “The voter guide reflects the concerns of Hawaii’s older residents, but these same issues are top-of-mind for many voters across the state.”

Given Hawaii’s historically low voter turnout, the views and opinions of voters age 50 plus carry particular weight. Roughly a third of all votes cast in the upcoming election will likely come from an AARP member.

AARP is a non-partisan organization with nearly 150,000 members in Hawaii. The Association does not endorse political candidates or contribute money to political parties or political candidates’ campaigns, and has not established a political action committee. AARP educates the public about issues of concern to older Americans and their families through voter guides, issue workshops, and candidate forums.

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