Note: News items listed in reverse chronological order.

Excerpt from Star-Advertiser 26 July 2014 7/26/14

Star-Advertiser Endorses Maile 7/23/14

KITV4: ‘Vacancies on State Boards and Commissions Rise to 26′ 7/14/14

‘Big News: Hawaii Civil Window for child sex abuse victims EXTENDED; Includes public schools’ 7/9/14

HCB: ‘Abercrombie Decides Not to Veto Public Financial Disclosure Bill’ 7/3/14

Star-Advertiser Editorial Urges Governor to Sign SB2682 6/29/14

Star-Adv: ‘Disclosure changes concern university regents’ (5/17/14)’ 5/20/14

Star-Adv: ‘Senators cheer native voter list’ (5/6/14) 5/14/14

AP/Star-Adv: ‘Singles left out of Hawaii fertility law’ 5/5/14

Star-Adv: Childhood Sex Abuse Window Extended to April 24, 2016 4/25/14

KHON2: ‘Lawmakers consider extension to child sex abuse lawsuit deadline’ 4/24/14

Honolulu Civil Beat: ‘Hawaii House Seeks Solution on OHA Kakaako Makai Bill’ 4/23/14

Star-Adv 4/16/14: ‘Measure on insurance for infertility advances’ 4/16/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘Changes to Sex Assault Bill Set New Limits on Victims’ Recourse 4/1/14

Star-Advertiser Editorial: ‘Toughen Laws Against Child-sex Predators 3/27/14

Star-Advertiser: Bills Seek More Time for Child Sexual Abuse Victims 3/24/14

KHON2: Lawsuit by Former Kamehameha Students Alleges Decades of Sex Abuse 3/11/14

HawaiiNewsNow: Senate panel gives Wilson Supreme Court OK in spite of ‘unqualified’ rating 3/10/14

The Beat: ‘Should Hawaii Re-Designate Discoverers’ Day As Indigenous Peoples’ Day?’ 2/17/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘Slayer of Peacock Decided Not to Sue Condo Association’ 2/17/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘OHA Condo Plan Clears Hurdles in Senate’ 2/17/14

For Now E-cigarettes Are Exempt From SB 2222 (HNN 2/11/14)

DHHL Residential Leases, Vacancies & Potential Legislation Discussed at 11/21/13 Briefing (posted 1/4/14)

Wai`anae Waterman Bouvey Bradbury Featured in Island Air’s June-November 2013 ‘Holoholo’ Magazine (posted 12/18/13)

 SLUDGE: Hawaii News Now: Permit Violations Being Issued (posted 10.17.13)

Wai’anae Sludge Dumping: Updates 9/11/13 (posted 9.11.13)

Protests from Waianae Halt Hawaii Kai Dredging (posted 9.9.13)

 AP/Star Advertiser: Hawaii State Senate Committee for Tourism, Hawaiian Affairs Split – Sen. Shimabukuro to Head Hawaiian Affairs (posted 6.28.13)

 Sen. Shimabukuro Rejects $12 Million Offer to Rename Wai’anae ‘’ (posted 4.3.13)

KITV4 News: Sen. Shimabukuro’s Response to Sen. Slom’s Jessica’s Law Comment 3/15/13 (posted 3.16.13)

Hawaii News Now: Sen. Shimabukuro on Early Childhood Education Bill 3/14/13 (posted 3.15.13)

 Civil Beat: 3/8/13 Leeward Residents Protest Temporary Road Through Makaha Beach (posted 3.9.13)

 Star-Advertiser 2/18/13 Repeal Drug Mandatory Minimums (posted 3.4.13)

 Associated Press: Proposed Wage Hike (posted 3.4.13)

KHON2: West-side Asks for Hearing on Rock Crushing and Landfill Expansion (posted 2.7.13)

Hawaii News Now – Makaha Resort Closing and Renovating (posted 10.26.11)

KITV4 – Wai`anae Residents Vent Frustrations Over Past Flooding (posted 10.1.11)

KHON2 – Discussion on Flooding on the Wai`anae Coast (posted 10.1.11)


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