Join Us In Voting to Re-Elect Senator Maile Shimabukuro!

“In 2022 alone, Maile helped to secure roughly $1B for DHHL; $50m for low income housing; $31m for traffic relief; $40m for a Waianae-owned carbon capture project; $10m for Waianae Coast schools; and passed laws to improve our quality of life. She has the track record, relationships, experience, and character we need to continue representing us in the state senate!”
1) Kapua, Kaili, Meleana, and Kaleo Keliikoa-Kamai
2) Mary and Rocky Naeole
3) Tammy Simbahon-Cabral
4) Ed Werner
5) Paul Aio
6) Sylvia Day

7) Maralyn Kurshals
8) Brandon & Kim Ili of Operating Engineers Local 3
9) Kimberleigh Villasenor & Jon Rapoza
10) Mahalo to IBEW Local 1186 for the endorsement and support! L-R: Rep. Cedric Gates, Galen Kim, Darius Kila, Chantel Young, and Sen. Maile Shimabukuro

11) Desiree and Tainui Hikuroa

12) Charles Hew-Len

13) Tasha Ferriman

14) Mervina Cash-Kaeo

15) Zeb and Nancy Jones

16) Loyna Kamakeeaina of UPW

17) Makaio Villanueva and Gina Peterson

18) Melanie Bartels

19) Lena Spain-Suzuki

20) Teddi-Lee Sipe

21) Ed Burke, Maile, and Tim Thornton

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2 thoughts on “Join Us In Voting to Re-Elect Senator Maile Shimabukuro!

  1. It’s great to have you as our government support and leader in politics representing the leeward coast.
    Continue to do as always a great job and dedication Maile.
    I will ALWAYS support you.
    If possible please honor the people or community that vote and support you.

  2. Good morning Maile,
    I’m sorry but, I forgot to mention the ultimate supporter, who is. GodJesus and the Holy Spirit who keeps you safe in helping this community and impacted peoples lives.
    You are doing a fantastic JOB.
    Continue your efforts in helping.
    God Bless you, and all you do in representing our community and people.
    🙏 🙏 🙏

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