HI State Democratic Convention 2016: Photos

Colleen Hanabusa speaking at the 2016 Democratic Convention 

Keali’i Lopez and Josiah “Black” Ho’ohuli

Alva Kaneaiakala, Sen. Mazie Hirono, and Erika Liashenko

Trevor and Sen. Michelle Kidani    
Seated, L-R: Melva Aila, Alva Kaneaiakala, and Erika Liashenko.

Standing, middle row, L-R: Sen. Shimabukuro, Willie Chai, Sophia Carba, Juli Patten, Joan Peters, Mary-Elizabeth Natividad, Shaina Caporoz.

Standing, back row, L-R: William Aila Jr., De Mont Conner, Ed Burke, Kaiulani Milham, Rachel Conner, Robin Grant, Cynthia Rezentes, Josiah Ho’ohuli.

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