Sign Waving Schedule 10/18-11/7

See updated sign-waving schedule — click here.

Join Friends of Maile Shimabukuro for sign waving!

Free t-shirts available for all volunteers. Here is the 2012 General Election schedule:

1. Thurs, 10/18/12, 4:45-6pm, Butler Building (across Ka Waihona);

2. Thurs, 10/25/12, 4:45-6pm, Kalaeloa Guardshack;

3. Thurs, 11/1/12, 6:30-7:30am, “Tracks” Beach (across Kahe Power Plant);

4. Tues, 11/6/12, 10-11:30am, across Sack N Save;

5. Wed, 11/7/12, 4:45-6pm, Butler Bldg (Mahalo sign waving).

For more information, contact Maile at or 349-3075.

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