Hawaii Women’s Political Caucus Endorses Maile for 2012 Elections

July 20, 2012


HONOLULU – The Hawaii Women’s Political Caucus (HWPC), a multi-partisan organization committed to increasing the number of progressive women in elected and appointed office, has announced its candidate endorsements for the 2012 election season. The organization endorses female candidates who are seeking office in the Hawaii State Legislature.

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A total of 21 candidates were selected for endorsement. In some instances, candidates who are running against each other were endorsed by HWPC. To receive HWPC’s endorsement, candidates showed that they held progressive opinions on women’s issues and would advocate for improving the lives of women, families and marginalized communities.

“We’re proud to have so many strong female candidates who share the belief that it’s critical to protect the rights of Hawai’i’s women, families and vulnerable groups,” said HWPC president Faye Kennedy. We’re also encouraged that 56 females have thrown their hats into the political arena to run for the Hawai’i State Legislature this year, and look forward to the collaboration of those elected, with progressive male legislators committed to our mission.”

On July 10, 2012, a candidate forum was held by HWPC to give office seekers an opportunity to articulate their stance on issues impacting women. Additionally, candidates were required to complete a questionnaire.


  • Lorraine Inouye: Senate District 4
  • Roz Baker: Senate District 6
  • Carol Fukunaga: Senate District 11
  • Suzanne Chun Oakland: Senate District 13
  • Michelle Kidani: Senate District 18
  • Maile Shimabukuro: Senate District 21
  • Laura Thielen: Senate District 25
  • Pohai Ryan: Senate District 25
  • Levani Lipton: Senate District 25
  • Faye Hanohano: State House Representative District 4
  • Nicole Lowen: State House Representative District 6
  • Netra Halperin: State House Representative District 11
  • Dee Morkikawa: State House Representative District 16
  • Keiko Bonk: State House Representative District 20
  • Della Au Belatti: State House Representative District 25
  • Nicole Velasco: State House Representative District 30
  • Linda Ichiyama: State House Representative District 31
  • Heather Giugni: State House Representative District 33
  • Marilyn Lee: State House Representative District 36
  • Jessica Wooley: State House Representative District 47
  • Cynthia Thielen: State House Representative District 50

About HWPC

HWPC is dedicated to equality in employment, stopping all violence against women, and improving the health and well-being of women and families. Reproductive freedom is one of our most fundamental issues. The HWPC is a state chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus.

The HWPC was established in 1981 and is a multi-partisan organization committed to increasing women’s participation in the political process and increasing their representation in elected and appointed office.

Media Contact:
Brooke Wilson
(808) 371-0088

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