Mahalo to Oct 14 Sign Wavers!

Oct. 14, 2010, campaign pictures from Cathy Outland.

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Mahalo to Faithful 10-15-10 sign wavers!

Julie Tautua Endorses Maile

“Maile helped me so much, and I am very grateful.”
Julie Tautua, Makaha resident, pictured with her son, Kawika

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Sign Waving 2014

General Election schedule: Oct 28 & 30, Nov 3, 4, 5 – click image for details.

Sign Waving 2014
Thursday, 7/31/14, 6-8am @ Tracks Beach
Monday, 8/4/14, 4-6pm @ Honokai Hale
Wednesday, 8/6/14, 4-6pm @ Honokai Hale
Sign waving for Friday 8/8 and Saturday 8/9 canceled because of weather.
Friday, 8/8/14, 4-6pm @ Honokai Hale
Saturday, 8/9/14 Primary Election Day:
– 8-9:15am Depots Beach (across Haleakala Ave.)
– 9:30-10:45am Maili Beach Park (across St. John’s Rd)
– 11am-12:15pm Waianae Library
– 12:30-1:45pm Makaha Elementary (Lahaina St.)

Dates/times are subject to change. Refreshments provided. If you have any questions or want to help, contact Maile at or 349-3075.
Accomplishments & Goals 2012

Click image to see the video.
Endorsements 2012

General Contractors Association
Plumbers and Fitters UA Local 675
Hawaii State AFL-CIO
ILWU Local 142
Patsy T. Mink PAC
Hawaii Women’s Political Caucus
Sierra Club Hawai`i
Equality Hawaii Action Fund General Election Endorsements

Dec. 15 Sat. 9am

Join Friends of Maile Shimabukuro in the Wai’anae Rotary Club’s annual Christmas Parade
Click image for details.

Dec. 22 Sat. 9:30am

Join Friends of Maile Shimabukuro at our “Christmas Cookie Decorating Booth” at the Wai`anae Farmer’s Market at Wai`anae High from 9:30-11:30am. Click image for details.

TUE 11/6/12, 10-11:30am

Sign Waving!

Across Sack N Save

Free T-shirts for all volunteers!


Wed, 11/7/12, 4:45-6pm, Mahalo sign waving at Butler Bldg

Vote on Nov. 6

Click image for ‘Candidates in Focus’ videos. Click here to watch Sen. Shimabukuro’s segment.

Click here for a PDF version of Maile’s brochure.

Mahalo to Morning Sign Wavers on 10-12-10!

Brooks Outland, Wai`anae resident
Cathy Outland, Wai`anae resident

Jerry Migita Endorses Maile

“Maile has worked hard for us.”
Jerry Migita, artist and Wai`anae Coast resident

Earl Akama Endorses Maile

“Knowing Maile inspired me to vote!”
Earl Akama, Wai`anae resident

Mahi Lean, Dennis & Mamo Fortna Endorse Maile

“Maile has chosen to use her talents to help others. We are fortunate to have her as our Representative.” – Wai`anae residents Mahi Lean, Dennis Fortna, and Mamo Fortna, pictured with Maile’s son, Keani.

Maile To Be Featured On `Olelo’s "Candidates in Focus" for General Election

`Ewa to Makua candidates airing on Focus 49 at the following times:

7:00 am

7:00 pm


One of featured candidates will be:
State House District 45
Maile S.L. Shimabukuro (D)

Please Vote for Maralyn Kurshals – Leeward BOE; UPDATE – NEW WEBSITE!

Pictured: Maralyn Kurshals, candidate for Leeward BOE

CLICK HERE to view Maralyn Kurshals’ new website!

“I am asking each of you to please consider Maralyn for the Board of Education this election in November. Maralyn has truly dedicated herself to the education of our children on the Leeward side of Oahu for the past 10 years and to education of all children for the past 30 years, at least.

As a personal friend of hers, Ed and I have watched her in action and believe she would be the best candidate by far.”

Mahalo & Aloha,
Rodlyn Brown

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 16:59:08 -0700 (PDT)

After much thought and guidance, I have decided to run for the Leeward Board of Education seat that has been vacated by Breene Harimoto. I decided to run because:
1) I have a wide range of experience in education- from teaching, to promoting early education initiatives and serving as chair of the Education Committee of the Wai`anae Neighborhood Board
2) My children went to Hawai`i public schools!
3) We need someone who will LISTEN and RESPOND to our concerns and needs.
and finally, I am dedicated to lifelong learning and equal access to quality educational opportunities for all.
Please support me in the November election. You can find more information on my website page ( or feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns.

Take care,
Maralyn Kurshals

Mahalo to Oct 7 & 8 Sign Wavers!

A very special mahalo to Cathy Outland for her beautiful, artistic photos! She’s turned the shooting of campaign sign-waving into an art form. Please take the time to zoom in (click on the photo) on each of her shots in this and other posts. Study them for composition (arrangement of details and elements such as sky, mountains, traffic, flowering hedge, signs resting against a wall, etc.) and lighting, but especially for the emotions of her subjects. She captures moments in time when people are being themselves, and the results are natural and beautiful!

Oct. 7 & 8, 2010 photos by Cathy Outland.

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Brooks Outland presented Maile with a beautiful “Mighty Mo” pin that he designed. [Click on the image to enlarge]

To the residents of State House District 45:

I am a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy. My wife, Cathy, and I moved here from Florida a little over 3 years ago.

I wrote letters to the representatives and senators regarding benefits being provided to disabled veterans by other states, but not by Hawaii. I was more than a little startled by Maile’s immediate attention to this deficit! She submitted a piece of legislation which would provide an exemption of the annual vehicle registration fees for privately owned vehicles to Hawaii’s permanently and totally disabled veterans.

In my over 20 years experience with federal representatives and senators, I have never witnessed such quick action, especially when it involved our nation’s military veterans. Maile realized the immediate need for such an exemption and put together a proposed bill in less than a week’s time! We disabled veterans are hoping that the bill will become law during the upcoming legislative session.

I looked into the archives and took a close look at Maile’s accomplishments. She demonstrates an innate ability to seek out the needs of her constituency and to employ the full weight of her knowledge of the legislative system in her attempt to fulfill those needs. As the residents of the 45th District well know, she has been very successful in her attempt.

Maile has been immeasurably helpful in my effort to ensure that Oahu veterans receive their beneficiary travel reimbursement on the same day as their appointment, rather than the 7 to 10 weeks it presently takes.

Based on Maile’s record as a Representative in our state’s Legislature and her amassed knowledge of the legislative process, I consider her the logical choice for re-election as the 45th District Representative. She is the logical choice!

I am proud to call Maile Shimabukuro my friend.

Brooks W. Outland, Waianae, HI.

Kupuna Art Frank Endorses Maile!

Kupuna Art Frank and Maile

Shimabukuro best for Waianae*

When it comes to a politician, I don’t care what’s upstairs until I know what’s inside the person. I want to know if he or she really cares about our people, aina and all of Hawaii nei. On the Waianae Coast in District 45 we’re fortunate in having Maile Shimabukuro representing us because she’s a very caring, compassionate, beautiful human being. She’s proven time and again how much she cares about na keiki, na kupuna, the disabled, the veterans, the disadvantaged, the environment, education, etc. Maile was born and raised on the Waianae Coast, so she really understands our problems and needs.

As a longtime deaf advocate and community activist at our state Capitol, I’ve seen our representative in action first-hand in Hawaiian, education, transportation, human services, veterans and community issues. I’m glad she’s there because she’s doing a fantastic job for the Waianae Coast.

Art Frank

(*Published in “Letters to the Editor” on October 19, 2010, in the Star-Advertiser.)

Sign Waving Pictures from Cathy Outland Sep 30

10/1/10 Message from Maile to Art Frank & Wai Paaoao:
MAHALO NUI LOA for such a wonderful celebration last night!!! I was so touched by the beautiful signed photo, the delicious cake, and most of all for you and your `ohana being there for me as always. I can’t thank you enough for sign waving without me tonight so I can relax and enjoy my birthday.

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Maile’s 2-page Brochure

Click the image to zoom in
on Maile’s 2-page brochure.