Rep. Shimabukuro appointed Art Frank, far left, as the first known deaf quadriplegic co-campaign manager in Hawai`i.


For Immediate Release

Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, 349-3075
Co-Campaign Manager Art Frank, 744-3128
Campaign Volunteer Wai Paaoao, 693-5987

Wai`anae, HI. Rep. Maile Shimabukuro (D-45th) of Wai`anae, Makaha, Makua made history by appointing the first multi-disabled person in Hawai`i nei as her Co-Campaign Manager. Shimabukuro appointed Art Frank, a Wai`anae resident and a deaf quadriplegic who uses braces and crutches for mobility.

Frank, who communicates by reading lips, using a hearing aide, sign language, and other special services for the deaf, was one of the pioneers who fought for the provision of sign language at certain government-sponsored public events. He, along with his `ohana, including the Paaoao-Ayala and Micky families, have been the backbone of Shimabukuro’s 2010 campaign.

“Art is an inspiration to disabled and able-bodied people alike. He transcends his ‘disabilities’ and has more energy and enthusiasm for life and the political process than the majority of people out there. When you meet Art, you truly feel as if you have been ‘touched by an angel,'” Shimabukuro said.

“We have an exciting campaign with signs that come from the heart — such as “WE LOVE MAILE,” “HONK FOR MAILE,” etc. Our volunteers really aloha Maile and have fun too. We’ll be sign waving in Halloween costumes on October 29 to add to the fun,” Frank said.

“We want to invite the media to Wai`anae to watch history being made. Please join our Maile `ohana,” Frank continued.

Who: Art Frank, first deaf quadriplegic co-campaign manager in Hawai`i
What: Sign waving for Maile Shimabukuro
When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (October 25, 27, and 29); 4-6pm
Where: Burger King, 86-120 Farrington Hwy., Waianae, HI
Note: Volunteers will dress in Halloween costumes on October 29

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