Reps Shimabukuro & Awana to Join UH Talent Search Beach Clean-up on Wai’anae Coast

Media Advisory – Hawaii House of Representatives
September 30, 2010 – For immediate release
Rep.’s Shimabukuro and Awana to join UH Manoa Educational Talent Search program to clean beaches along the Wai’anae Coast

What: The University of Hawai’i-Manoa, Manoa Educational Talent Search (METS) program will hold a beach clean-up on the Wai’anae Coast with almost 100 volunteers from Nanakuli and Wai’anae High School. Community members are welcome to volunteer and help the students.

Why: “The purpose of this clean-up is to give the students a sense of responsibility for their community while learning about their kuleana (responsibility),” said Tanya Uyehara, METS Student Advisor.

When: October 7, 2010, 9:00 – 10:30am

Where: Meet at Maili Beach Park across Beaches Restaurant. Volunteers will clean in both directions, to clean up Maili Beach and Lualualei Beach (“Sewers” beach)

Background: The Manoa Educational Talent Search (METS) Program is a Talent Search program of Trio. The program is based on the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and its mission is to help students succeed in grade promotions and increase the percentage of college bound student. METS provides services to 300 Nanakuli Intermediate and High school students as well as 300 Wai’anae High School students.

Contact: Tanya Uyehara, METS Student Advisor
Mobile: 808-349-7794

Mahalo to Sep 24 Sign Wavers!

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Neil Abercrombie Fundraiser on 9/5/10

Al Lewis, Maile, and Art Frank. (Photo by Kaimana Pine)
Art Frank, Neil Abercrombie, and Al Lewis. (Photo by Kaimana Pine)
Mahalo to Jessica Ear and Mark Tarone for hosting a fun and successful fundraiser for Neil Abercrombie on 9/5/10!

Mahalo to Sep 23 Sign Wavers!

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Kukui Maunakea-Forth Endorses Maile

Aloha e Maile,

The road ahead to November will be challenging, but remain encouraged and meet each day with the confidence that you have done everything that is pono and full of integrity.

Mahalo for continuing to serve the moku, its youth, ‘ohana and kupuna, with commitment and passion.

Please keep up the good work!


J. Kukui Maunakea-Forth, Wai`anae Coast resident

Louie Agrabante Endorses Maile!

“Congratulations…and Best Wishes to You.”
— “Braddah” Louie Agrabante

Primary Election 2010 Results

— to everyone who has so tirelessly worked on our primary election campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Mahalo to Sep 20 Sign Wavers!

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Photo from Cathy Outland.
First row (kneeling) Kapilialoha Stineman-Macomber, Catalina Gaballo, Kamakanaikawai, Kaleikaumaka, & Kahanulani Piimauna-Stineman, Tayzah Ayala, Jheyden Piimauna-Micky. 2nd row: Desiree Paaoao, Alohalani Lester-Piimauna. 3rd row: Emerin Micky, Chantel Worden, Kyra Soria; Wai, Tiare & Sarah Paaoao. 4th row: Chyna Micky; Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos; Nancyann Micky; Art Frank; Sabio Reinhardt-Paaoao. (Photo from Maile).
Photo from Cathy Outland.
Photo from Cathy Outland.
Photo from Cathy Outland.

Malia Miles Endorses Maile

Malia Miles (center), pictured with her son, Kamu (left), and husband, Austin (right, deceased).

Malia, Koa Paka, and Austin Miles.“Maile is there for those in need.” – Malia Miles.

Thomas Zizzi Endorses Maile

“As a fellow attorney, I know Maile has the training
and background needed to represent us
well at the Legislature.”
– Thomas Zizzi, attorney and Makaha resident

Mahalo to Sep 17 Sign Wavers!

Sign Wavers Group Photo from 9-17-10. Click the photo to zoom in. Back row, L-R: Kyra Soria, Amberly Lester-Piimauna, Lou Stineman, Nancyann Micky, Tiare Paaoao, Wai Paaoao, Tayzah Ayala, Chyna Micky, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, Cathy Outland, Art Frank, Brooks Outland, Lima Kupau, Sabio Paaoao, and Emerin Micky. 2nd row (kneeling) L-R: Kapilialoha Stineman, Manulani Paaoao, Desiree Paaoao, Chantel Wordean, Sarah Paaoao, and Virginia Piimauna. Front row, L-R: Kaleikaumaka, Kamakanaikawai & Kahanulani Piimauna, Mahealani Paaoao, Catalina Gaballo, Brennan, Mahina Paaoao, and Jheyden Piimauna-Micky.

The following photos of 9-17-10 Sign Wavers are from Cathy Outland.

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Mahalo to Sep 16 Sign Wavers!

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The sign waving photos were taken by Cathy Outland on 9-16-10.

Mahalo to Sep. 10 Pau Hana Sign Wavers!

Maile’s sign wavers know that she is committed to making turn and contraflow lanes in Nanakuli, exploring alternate routes to the Wai`anae Coast, and creating the “People’s Path.” Back row: Summer Miles; Art Frank; Manu Paaoao; Chantel Mahuka; Desiree, Wai, Tiare, and Sarah Paoao; Cathy and Brooks Outland. Front row: Mahina and Mahealani Paaoao; Tayzah Ayala.
(Click photo to zoom in.)

Loyna Kamakeeaina Endorses Maile

“UPW backs Maile all the way.”
– Loyna Kamakeeaina,
UPW member and Waianae resident

Angela Hoppe-Cruz Endorses Maile

“I know Maile cares about protecting our vulnerable population.”
– Angela Hoppe-Cruz, Makaha resident

Airdates – Election 2010 – Maile Shimabukuro HD45

These videos can be viewed on TV as well as via
live streaming on your computer — click here.

Leeward Community College – Waianae

Election 2010 – Maile Shimabukuro HD45
All on FOCUS 49
9/10/10 Fri 11:30 am
9/11/10 Sat 2:30 pm
9/14/10 Tue 8:00 pm
9/16/10 Thu 6:00 pm

E Ala Voyaging Canoe
Election 2010 – Maile Shimabukuro HD45
All on FOCUS 49
9/9/10 Thu 10:00 am
9/10/10 Fri 9:30 pm
9/11/10 Sat 9:00 pm
9/12/10 Sun 12:30 pm

Talk Story with Rep. Maile Shimabukuro
Election 2010 – Maile Shimabukuro HD45
All on FOCUS 49
9/9/10 Thu 10:30 am
9/10/10 Fri 11:00 am
9/11/10 Sat 9:30 pm
9/12/10 Sun 8:30 pm

People’s Path & Cultural Park
Election 2010 – Maile Shimabukuro HD45
9/9/10 Thu 11:00 am FOCUS 49
9/10/10 Fri 1:30 pm FOCUS 49
9/12/10 Sun 9:00 pm FOCUS 49
9/13/10 Mon 10:30 pm NATV 53

Maile and Supporters at ‘Olelo on Sep. 1

L-R: Rodlyn Brown, Art Frank, Maile, Brooks Outland,
and Laurie Lawrence appeared on `Olelo on 9/1/10
to support Maile’s re-election.
Brooks Outland presented Maile with a beautiful
“Mighty Mo” coin that he designed.

Maile’s Responses to Kanu HI’s Candidate Survey

Q: If elected, what is your highest priority for improving education in Hawai‘i?

Maile: Cooling schools off! So many schools on the Wai`anae Coast and throughout the state lack air conditioning and other cooling mechanisms. The classrooms, portables, and other buildings are miserably hot, and make learning practically unbearable. I am encouraged by the DOE’s recent move to install photo-voltaic panels at Wai`anae Elementary. So far, I have obtained power upgrades/air conditioning for Wai`anae High, Wai`anae Intermediate, and Kamaile Academy, and also held a fan drive which put some fans in all the schools in my district. I will continue to make this a top priority.

Q: Do you support evaluation, tenure, and compensation for teachers and principals linked to student improvement?

Maile: Support

Q: If elected, what is your highest priority for improving jobs and the economy in Hawai‘i?

Maile: Continuing to make higher education a top priority. My proudest achievement this past session was obtaining $3m to help Leeward Community College-Wai`anae purchase their own building and expand. I also supported UH West O`ahu’s efforts to obtain $48m by being part of a “hui” of legislators who requested these funds. Making higher education more accessible for those in rural communities like Wai`anae will go a long way toward addressing our high teacher turnover, lack of medical professionals, lack of social workers, lack of entrepeneurialism, etc. on this Coast. Stopping the “brain drain” will help our economy overall.

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District 45: Vote at Waianae Inter & Makaha El

House District 45 Polling Places: Waianae Intermediate & Makaha Elementary

Due to the lack of poll workers, several polling places have closed for this upcoming 2010 election. House District 45 polling places for the 9/18/10 Primary Election and 11/2/10 General Election are: Waianae Intermediate School and Makaha Elementary School. Waianae Elementary and Kamaile Elementary will not be serving as polling places in 2010.

A complete list of statewide polling places can be viewed at this link:

AARP Hawaii 2010 State Voter Guide

From: Tam, Steven
Subject: AARP Hawaii Launches 2010 State Voter Guide
Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010, 4:48 PM


AARP Hawaii has released the 2010 State Voter Guide – an election resource featuring the views of candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and every state legislative race in the primary election this year. The Voter Guide includes answers from 173 candidates in 68 races to questions posed by AARP members in four key issue areas. It is available for review at

AARP’s Voter Guide focuses on issues that more than 1,000 Hawaii residents age 50 and older ranked among their highest concerns this election season. They are the economy and jobs; Hawaii’s doctor shortage; the state budget challenge; and helping elderly residents age in their homes and communities.

Because it targets issues of concern to residents who are part of the largest member organization in the state, AARP’s State Voter Guide provides a unique opportunity for candidates to speak directly to Hawaii’s most engaged and powerful voting group – residents age 50 plus. Ninety-eight percent of AARP members in Hawaii surveyed say they plan to vote in the upcoming election.

“AARP’s voter guide is a valuable resource we encourage residents of all ages to use in deciding which candidates offer the best solutions to the challenges facing our communities,” said AARP Hawaii State Director Barbara Kim Stanton. “The voter guide reflects the concerns of Hawaii’s older residents, but these same issues are top-of-mind for many voters across the state.”

Given Hawaii’s historically low voter turnout, the views and opinions of voters age 50 plus carry particular weight. Roughly a third of all votes cast in the upcoming election will likely come from an AARP member.

AARP is a non-partisan organization with nearly 150,000 members in Hawaii. The Association does not endorse political candidates or contribute money to political parties or political candidates’ campaigns, and has not established a political action committee. AARP educates the public about issues of concern to older Americans and their families through voter guides, issue workshops, and candidate forums.

Follow us on Twitter @AARPHawaii and Facebook: AARP Hawaii

Thanks very much for sharing this with your friends!

Steve Tam
AARP Hawaii
1132 Bishop St., Ste 1920
Honolulu, HI, 96813-2813
Office: (808) 545-6005