Rep. Shimabukuro Is Dedicated to Beautifying the Wai`anae Coast

Maile holds her son, Keani, in front of trash gathered after cleaning up Poka`i Bay.

Rep. Shimabukuro treasures the natural beauty of the Wai`anae Coast, and has enjoyed organizing many beach clean-ups over the years. She looks forward to continuing to do this in the years to come. Here is coverage of some of the beach clean ups that Rep. Shimabukuro has helped organize; click on the links to view photos, videos, and the stories:

1) 4/18/10 Lualualei #1, aka “Sewer’s Beach”

2) 2/13/10 Kea`au Beach

3) 1/16/10 Maili Point

4) 1/24/09 Maili Point

5) 9/27/08 Maili Point

6) 8/29/08 Poka`i Bay Clean Up

7) 4/26/08 Maili Point

Mahalo nui loa to all the hard-working volunteers who helped make these clean-ups a success. For more information about beach clean-ups, email

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