Letter from Chet Urata re HB444

Dear Rep. Shimabukuro,

I read your blog regarding HB444. I’m glad that you sound like you support it. I am not gay myself, but I fully respect the rights of others and do not see any reason why gay marriage, let alone civil unions, threaten anyone. Claims that gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage are ludicrous. I know my relationship is in no way threatened by what others do in theirs. Yet what a profound effect marriage or unions would have on the lives of gays and lesbians!

Chet Urata

As I could tell from your blog, you understand that this is not an issue to be decided by what is popular; this is a civil rights issue. Anyone who believes that this should be decided by a referendum is clearly not in favor of this becoming law since it is well known that the populace will vote this down. It is unfortunate that the majority of people are neither enlightened nor generous enough to allow gay marriage or civil unions to become law.

I applaud and encourage the efforts of you and others in the state congress to pass this bill.

Best wishes,
Chet Urata, Waianae resident

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