Maile Receives "Support with Enthusiasm" from Democratic GLBT Caucus

Click here for the GLBT Caucus list of endorsements. Maile received “Support with Enthusiasm” instead of an “endorsement” because “the Caucus is limited by Party Rules to ‘endorse’ only candidates where there is no Democratic opposition.” Here’s the message from the chair:

From: GLBT Caucus Chair
To: “Jo-Ann Adams”
Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 6:29 AM

Media Contact: Jo-Ann M. Adams
(808) 479-7857 (cell); (808) 528-2100 (work)

August 27 2010


HONOLULU – The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i issued a statement today:

We are delighted at the number of new Democratic candidates in this year’s primary election. Many support the mission of the Caucus. Some are even willing to challenge incumbents.

Because HB444 passed both Houses in this last biennium, we had extensive voting records for all incumbents. Thus, we were able to supply more descriptive statements of endorsement/support. For example, “with enthusiasm” applied to those who supported the civil unions effort with courageous consistency. The phrase “would like to see more leadership on our issues” applied to candidates who supported HB444 substantively, but occasionally voted against the bill’s procedural progress in line with the wishes of leadership.

For new candidates we conducted interviews, typically with the candidate, though sometimes with campaign staff. Many members of the Caucus are actively working on campaigns and were able to provide personal assessments. For new candidates “with enthusiasm” applied only where the candidate was active in the civil unions effort.

The Caucus is limited by Party Rules to “endorse” only candidates where there is no Democratic opposition; if the Party Rules limit our ability to “endorse”, we issue a statement of “support”.

We thank all of the candidates who made the effort to introduce themselves to the Caucus. The detailed list of endorsements/support statements is attached. In summary, we supported or endorsed candidates in every federal race: Daniel K. Inouye for U. S. Senate; Colleen Hanabusa for the First Congressional District; Mazie Hirono (with enthusiasm) for the Second Congressional District. We supported with enthusiasm Neil Abercrombie for Governor and Gary L. Hooser for Lt. Governor. Of the 15 State Senate races, we endorsed/supported 10 candidates – 5 incumbents and 5 new candidates. Of the 51 State House races, we endorsed/supported 35 candidates – 22 incumbents and 13 new candidates.

For informational purposes only, we made recommendations in selected nonpartisan races where we have familiarity with the candidates. We also identified candidates with a demonstrated record opposing civil unions.

Mahalo To Hard-Working Sign Wavers on 8/27/10!

Faith Arakawa, Summer & Manny Miles, Puna Ka`aiali`i-Ramos, Juli Patten, Ann Ka`ai, and Carolan Rowe

Juli Patten and Ann Ka`ai

Cullen Ohana Endorses Maile

“We have known Maile for many years, and continue to support her efforts to improve the Wai`anae Coast.”

— Christine, Luke, and Wayne Cullen

Mele Worthington Endorses Maile

“As a legislator in the Waianae Coast, you have embraced all of the voters, no matter their cultural background or financial standing…We love that you care for everyone you serve, and give of yourself so generously…In our Hawaiian community, I am reminded of the role that you have played in the success of Hawaiian organizations and public service.”

– Letter from Mele Worthington dated 7/26/10

Candidates in Focus Airdates

From: Vote2010
Subject: Candidates in Focus Airdates
To: “maileshimabukuro”
Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 11:33 AM


The Primary Edition of Candidates in Focus will premiere on ‘Olelo’s channel 49 beginning Sunday, August 29.

We understand how tight the timeline is for candidates to reach out to their constituents by the Primary, so we invite you to forward this E-mail to those of whom you’d like to share the Candidates in Focus airdates and on-line viewing links.


for a list of airdates, links, and more information on other community generated election programming. We appreciate your interest and/or participation in Candidates in Focus, part of ‘Olelo’s “Vote Informed” initiative.

‘Olelo Community Media

Goals and Future Vision for Our Wai`anae Coast



I feel the biggest issue facing the Wai`anae Coast has been best articulated by community leader Eric Enos: the need to be in control of our own destiny, for example, in the areas of development, land use, and resource-allocation. I like what is happening in areas like the North Shore with land trusts for the public interest.

Here in Wai`anae we have begun to do the same, with MA`O Farm leveraging over $700,000 in Legacy Lands funds to purchase 11 acres in Lualualei Valley. I want to continue this trend, as well as address many of our community’s pressing needs.


Turns Lanes & Contraflow: complete turn and contraflow lanes at Haleakala and Nanakuli Avenues

2nd Access: push for completion of the WCEAR (Wai`anae Coast Emergency Access Road), and explore alternate route to the Wai`anae Coast which does not disrupt agriculture lands or cultural sites, eg, the “over the mountain” route currently being considered by OMPO (Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization)

“People’s Path”: continue to organize work days and seek funding via Safe Routes to School, Rails to Trails, and other private and government sources to extend the state’s planned bike path that ends at Lualualei Naval Road further along the Coast


Self-Help Housing Farming Co-Op: apply for Legacy Lands funds through a partnership with Self-Help Housing HI, the Oahu Land Trust, and other groups

Affordable Housing: create a grant program for third party review (permit processing by private companies) for affordable housing projects


Cool Schools: continue to allocate funds for air conditioning, power upgrades and fans for schools

Job Training: urge Governor to release $3m I obtained for LCC-W’s expansion to support training programs for worker shortage areas, eg, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, engineers, etc.


Parks and Stream Restoration: apply for the City’s Clean Water and Natural Lands fund to create more parks and restore streams

Renewable Energy: require that new construction utilize renewable energy; explore alternative energy sources, such as ocean thermal, and wave, wind, and solar energy


Universal Healthcare: support government-funded universal healthcare

Illegal Dumpsites: shut down illegal dumpsites by working with EPA, the media, and concerned residents

Land Use: require that Land Use Commission have members that specialize in the environment and Hawaiian culture


Ceded & Public Land Preservation: continue to oppose the state’s ability to sell and exchange public and ceded land via resolution (e.g., HCR21-26, HCR32-34, HCR36, and HCR320 from 2010), and push for a moratorium on such sales/exchanges so that a ceded lands inventory can be completed, and to preserve these lands for future generations.

E Ala Voyaging Canoe: build an ocean education center and halau on the Wai`anae Coast for the E Ala canoe


Civil Rights: “Kim here and just read Westside Stories and your open letter to the community regarding the Civil Unions Bill. I applaud your great Wisdom and Educational Smarts. Yes more people should have read clearly HB444. In no way does it negate traditional marriage, but addresses Civil rights for one and all. Mahalo Plenty.” (8/1/10 Email to Maile)

Maile is proud to be endorsed by: HGEA, HSTA, AFL-CIO, ILWU, HI Teamsters, Sierra Club HI Chapter, Progressive PAC, Planned Parenthood of HI Action Network, HI Women’s Political Caucus, HI Carpenters Union, HI Laborers PAC, General Contractors Assn., UPW, UHPA
Paid for by Friends of Maile Shimabukuro; Mervina Cash-Ka`eo, Campaign Chair; POB 2043, Wai`anae, HI 96792;

Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network Endorses Maile!

From: Melinda Wood
Subject: endorsement
To: Maile Shimabukuro
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 10:50 AM

The Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the primary race for HD 45. We plan to send out a press release listing all of our endorsements later today. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Melinda Wood