Maile Receives "Support with Enthusiasm" from Democratic GLBT Caucus

Click here for the GLBT Caucus list of endorsements. Maile received “Support with Enthusiasm” instead of an “endorsement” because “the Caucus is limited by Party Rules to ‘endorse’ only candidates where there is no Democratic opposition.” Here’s the message from the chair: From: GLBT Caucus Chair Subject: GLBT CAUCUS RELEASES ENDORSEMENTSTo: “Jo-Ann Adams” Date: Saturday,Continue reading “Maile Receives "Support with Enthusiasm" from Democratic GLBT Caucus”

Mele Worthington Endorses Maile

“As a legislator in the Waianae Coast, you have embraced all of the voters, no matter their cultural background or financial standing…We love that you care for everyone you serve, and give of yourself so generously…In our Hawaiian community, I am reminded of the role that you have played in the success of Hawaiian organizationsContinue reading “Mele Worthington Endorses Maile”

Candidates in Focus Airdates

From: Vote2010Subject: Candidates in Focus AirdatesTo: “maileshimabukuro” Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 11:33 AM Aloha, The Primary Edition of Candidates in Focus will premiere on ‘Olelo’s channel 49 beginning Sunday, August 29. We understand how tight the timeline is for candidates to reach out to their constituents by the Primary, so we invite you toContinue reading “Candidates in Focus Airdates”

Goals and Future Vision for Our Wai`anae Coast

GOALS AND FUTURE VISION FOR OUR WAI`ANAE COAST “COUNTRY FOREVER” I feel the biggest issue facing the Wai`anae Coast has been best articulated by community leader Eric Enos: the need to be in control of our own destiny, for example, in the areas of development, land use, and resource-allocation. I like what is happening inContinue reading “Goals and Future Vision for Our Wai`anae Coast”

Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network Endorses Maile!

From: Melinda WoodSubject: endorsementTo: Maile ShimabukuroDate: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 10:50 AM The Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the primary race for HD 45. We plan to send out a press release listing all of our endorsements later today. Please contact me if you have any questions.Continue reading “Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network Endorses Maile!”

Rep. Shimabukuro Responds to OHA Candidate Survey

Rep. Shimabukuro recently submitted the following responses to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) Candidate Survey: Question: What single issue facing Native Hawaiians concerns you the most, and how would you address that issue as a legislator? Rep. Shimabukuro: The state‚Äôs ability to sell and exchange public and ceded land via resolution (e.g., HCR21-26, HCR32-34,Continue reading “Rep. Shimabukuro Responds to OHA Candidate Survey”

Kimberly Ha`upu Endorses Maile

Kimberly Ha’upu, Wai`anae resident Aug 1, 2010 Aloha Maile Kim here and just read Westside Stories and your open letter to the community regarding Civil Unions Bill. I applaud your great Wisdom and Educational Smarts. Yes more people should have read clearly HB444. In no way does it negate from traditional marriage, but addresses CivilContinue reading “Kimberly Ha`upu Endorses Maile”