Mahalos & Photos: 11/5/09 Fundraiser

Manny & Summer Miles, Maile Shimabukuro, & Kainoa Aila at the 11/5/09 Fundraiser at Thirty-Nine Hotel Street.

Click here or on the link below (or cut and paste it onto your browser) to view Carmen Rodrigues’ photos of Maile Shimabukuro and Jessica Wooley’s 11/5/09 fundraiser.
Fundraiser Photo Album link:
As a result of everyone’s hard work, we raised approximately $3,000, and built the necessary momentum to continue drawing funds in! Mahalo nui loa to all who supported the event, including:


Aila, Kainoa

Arakawa, Faith

Brown, Kaui

Brown, Rodlyn

Cha, Andrew

Dodge, Fred

Eckart, Gregory

Henkin, David

Isaki, Bianca

Kanakamaikai, Tenyel

Lott, Daniel

Miles, Manny

Miles, Summer

Pine, Kaimana

Rodrigues, Carmen

Rowe, Carolann

Teramae, Colleen

Torres, Jessie

Wooley, Jessica

Yoo, Michael

Young, Karen


Alana, Cathie

Albino, Royal

Apostol, Maryellen

Barber, Kapiolani

Brown, Rodlyn

Calkins, Calvin

Chan, Caryn

Ear, Jessica

Inglis, Katherine

Johnson, Michelle Lee

Kanakamaikai, Tenyel

Kawelo, Gege

Kim, Danny

Kita, Gerald

Landford-Bright, Verna

Lui-Kwan, Greg

Miles, Kamu & Erica

Oshiro, Marcus & Lauzanne

Say, Calvin

Slovin, Gary

Shimabukuro, James

Teramae, Colleen & Glen


Arakawa, Faith

Dodge, Vince

Ear, Jessica

Hong, Lea

Johnson, Michelle Lee

Kanakamaikai, Tenyel

Kawelo, Gege

Kekumu, Tiffany & Jerome

Miles, Kamu & Erica

Yoo, Kristine


Adams, Jo-Ann

Agbayani, Amefil

Aldeguer, Walterbea

Arakawa, Faith

Barber, Kapiolani

Brown, Rodlyn

Chang, Kevin

Crabtree, Jeff

Daly, Faye

Dunne, Elizabeth

Geminiani, Victor

HI Assn of Realtors

HI Carpenters Political Action Fund

HMSA Employee PAC

Hong, Lea

Fenton, Janis

Fernandez, Florence & Philip

Forman, Mark

Hawaii State Teachers Assn.

ILWU Local 142

Isaki, Bianca

Johnson, Michelle

Jordan, Elizabeth

Kaina, M. Nalani & James K.

Kalish, Michael P.

Landford-Bright, Verna

Lui-Kwan, Gregory

Luke, Howard

Minerbi, Makia

Painters Local Union 1791 PAC

Plonsky, Kenneth

Plum, William

Ryan, Jason

Shibuya, Tara

Stempel, Bruno

Teramae, Glen & Colleen

Toda, Alvin

Toyofuku, Robert

Uehara, Patsy

Wai-Rodrigues, Leandra & Sparky

Yang, Gordon

Yang, Elaine

Young, Madeleine


Boland, Jackie

Brown, Rodlyn

Campbell, Georgia

Chan, Caryn

Frank, Art

Hayakawa, David

Higa, Desiree

Hill, Leslie

Jordan, Elizabeth

Liashenko, Alva-Erika

May, C. Renee

Miles, Erica

Sacrider, Angela

Sandomire, Daniel

Wai-Rodrigues, Leandra

Miles, Erica

Okubo, Tracy

Tarone, Mark

Teramae, Colleen & Glen

Young, Madeleine

Special “mahalo” to the venue, Thirty-Nine Hotel & staff, who really helped to make the event a success. We received several anonymous cash donations, and there were so many unnamed supporters who lent a hand with set-up, clean-up, publicity, ticket sales, and wherever else help was needed. Please let me know if I missed names for this list, and I apologize if we forgot anyone. Everyone’s support was deeply appreciated!

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