Rep Shimabukuro in KHON 2 Interview

Young victim spent time in foster care
By Gina Mangieri
Jan 18, 2008

The toddler who died Thursday [Jan 17, 2008] after being dropped onto the H-1 freeway spent time in foster care, and the parents and caregivers have had run-ins with the law.

Some in the community are asking — did the parents and guardians of the child in some way contribute to the tragedy? What defines neglect, and what can authorities do about it?

“With everything else they have on their plate at CPS, things like this — it’s hard to address when there’s not a clear case of abuse before something tragic happens,” said Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, (D) House Human Services Committee.

Lawmakers say they’ll be receptive to a proposed bill to broaden CPS authority when neglect or abuse are suspected but not yet confirmed, though issues of manpower and the rights of parents must be weighed.

“You probably always want to err on the side of safety for the child if anything,” Shimabukuro said.

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