International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Endorses Maile


Dear Representative Shimabukuro:

The statewide ILWU Local 142 Political Action Committee, upon the recommendation and concurrence of the ILWU Oahu Division Political Action Committee, has endorsed your candidacy for re-election in House District 45.

We appreciate your on-going commitment to the working people of Hawaii and their families. We look forward to working with you when you are re-elected to continue to improve the benefits and protections that we have today. . .


Fred Galdones, President and Local Political Action Committee Chair
Donna Domingo, Vice President
Guy K. Fujiwara, Secretary-Treasurer and Local Political Action Coordinator

Supporter Puanani Burgess

“Poka and I support Maile’s candidacy. We appreciate her leadership and commitment to Wai’anae.”
— Puanani Burgess, Wai`anae resident

Contribute to the Democratic Party of Hawaii

From: Democratic Party of Hawaii
Subject: Chair Brian Schatz, re: Candidate Filing
Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 5:11 PM

Tuesday marked a major milestone date in the 2008 election cycle – the Candidate Filing Deadline. We now have a clear picture of who is running and who isn’t.

Here’s our situation:

In the State House:
We have Democratic candidates in 49 out of the 51 State House Districts, and our prospects for retaining a veto-proof majority look strong. Hot races include protecting District 51 on Oahu where Democrat Tommy Waters is retiring and potential “pickup” prospects against conservative Republicans Gene Ward and Colleen Meyer.

In the State Senate:
We have a chance to gain seats in both the Kona Senate seat where Republican Paul Whalen is retiring and with former Party Chair Brickwood Galuteria running against incumbent Republican Gordon Trimble. We are also determined to protect two Democrats. The first is Roz Baker from Maui, who is the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, and great advocate for healthcare and women’s rights. On the Big Island, Republican Ted Hong and his supporters are already unfairly attacking Dwight Takamine, who represents many of the Democratic Party’s best values.

We’re energized by Barack Obama’s candidacy, and planning grassroots events throughout the summer and fall. We’ll reach out to literally every voter in the state, but we need your help.

Please contribute whatever you can to our efforts, so that we can build on the incredible momentum that you’ve created.

(By the way, when you hit this link, it will take you to something called ACTBLUE, which is the way we process credit card contributions. Don’t worry – the money goes to the Hawaii Democratic Party.)

I’m honored to serve as your Party Chair, and I will be in touch.

Brian Schatz

Supporter Elsie Foster

“Maile is sensitive to the needs of local businesses, and has promoted sustainable economic development for the Wai`anae Coast.”
— Sylvia “Elsie” Foster, President
Foster Realty, Inc.

Sylvia “Elsie” Foster
Foster Realty, Inc.
85-761 Farrington Hwy., #208
Waianae, HI 96792
Phone: 808-696-0774
Fax: 808-696-8706

Supporters Robles/Laa Ohana

Back row (L-R): Louis Kaauwai, Carl & Kekona Laa, Emma & Ianuali Kaonohiokalanikoholua, Ursula & Kari Robles, Micaila Laa.

Front row (L-R): Richard & Rueben Robles, Nikita Kaahaaina, Carl Laa Jr., Mahi Rodgers, and Crystal Robles.

Supporters Flo Mayes and Philip Fernandez

“Maile organized a fan drive and got power upgrades for air conditioning our schools. We need her continue the good work she has done for the community.
— Philip Fernandez and Flo Mayes, Wai`anae residents

Free Voting Aid Widgets

From: Paul Brown []
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 7:40 AM
To: Rep. Maile Shimabukuro
Subject: Free Voting Aid Widgets, from

Dear Maile S.L.

We are pleased to announce that several FREE Voter Aids are now available to you as a registered user of, the 1-stop civic engagement portal that Delivers Democracy to your Desktop!

More citizens than ever are voting in the 2008 elections, and the StateDemocracy Foundation wants to make this democratic privilege as easy as possible.

That’s why we’re offering the following free Widgets (for any of the 50 States) to download as voter aids for visitors to your own website, blog or social networking site (like MySpace and FaceBook):

Please take advantage of this free offer right NOW — well before the deadlines that states have for voter registration and absentee ballots — and also forward this invitation to all your online friends and colleagues.


Paul Brown, Editor